Insight: "The goal is to turn data into information and information into insight.” ― Carly Fiorina

About Us

“AKI Research & Consulting” is an iconic platform to provide consulting services and market research reports to global clients for their marketing & financial strategies and further business growth strategies. The company aims to provide more precise and accurate invaluable data insights which would be critical to take business decisions and investors’ presentations. We value the time and research process required to have more specific data insights for specific requirements by the clients. To provide such data insights we focus towards better efficient research model which gives better precise data with higher accuracy and more reliable insights. In a technology driven era, we at AKI R&C take full advantage by incorporating various source of communications, software and intellectual minds across the globes.


"Provide a better platform of actionable market data insights and consultancy to
the clients from each sector."


"Our mission is to provide better market research reports with precise and more accuracy for better
marketing, financial and business strategies and advisory for a sustainable growth opportunity in the market"

Value Proposition

1. Consulting Services
2. Custom Research Market Report (B2B)
3. Presentation Market Reports (PPT/PDF format)
4. Market Sizing & Forecast Data in Easy to Use Excel Sheet Format with Syndicated/Custom Reports
5. 360° Industry Coverage & Market Dynamics
6. Distribution Channel and Production Economics Analysis
7. Benchmark Studies
8. Competitive Market Analysis
9. Market Entry Strategies

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