(Frequently Asked Questions) 

How do I place an order for the Report?

We would like to understand your requirements first, then we provide the reports as per your requirements and best suited for your business presentation and analysis. To order a Report please share your requirements to us at hello@akiresearch.com or sales@akiresearch.com . Our sales representative will reply you soon within 30 minutes to answer your requirements. We provide the customized reports, hence there is no direct shopping cart available at our website now.

What types of payment are accepted?

For all reports or consulting orders we accept payments through PayPal, and wire transfer to company's bank account. An Invoice will be provided with the bank details for wire transfer and PayPal link once the order is confirmed through email.

Can I get the report data for a particular region or a country?

Yes, we provide the free customization of report up to 30% of the standard Table of Contents. Also, we provide the regional market like Europe, North America, South America, Asia-Pacific, Middle-East, and Africa market reports separately too as per your requirements and the cost is available as per your customization. Likewise, we also provide the Country market research reports as per your requirements.

What are the services available other than standard reports?

  • We provide customized reports to the clients in the prescribed timeline, even for a niche market.
  • We give a y-o-y forecast for the market and also offer this Data in Easy to Use Excel Sheet Format as a free add-on to the Presentation Market Reports (PPT/PDF format).
  • We have expertise in providing add on reports on Benchmark Studies, Production Economics, Distribution Channel Analysis, Market Entry Strategies, price analysis, etc.
  • As per our motto and belief, we also offer clients Free Customization on Reports up to 30% of TOC, which significantly benefits the clients.
Please check what we offer in services here

Do you provide offers on purchasing your report?

Yes we provide different offers based on the client's requirement, also we care about your budget.

  • Yes, we provide 20% OFF for the first time purchase. Moreover, we give a 10% discount to the regular clients.
  • We provide 30% free Customization on the Table of Contents.
  • For bundle purchase, i.e. more than 1 report, get extra 10% discount on total cost of the market research reports.
  • Offer is valid for all license types either Single user licence or Team licence or corporate license.
  • Market estimation sheet in excel is Free with the Report purchase. However, if one like to purchase only Excel sheet, then it will cost for global market USD 2000, for regional market USD 1500, and for country market USD 1000.
*Note: we also provide the chapters of a report, and the cost is based on the chapter of TOC selection.

What are the options or services available after post-sales of the report?

We provide post sales service as per following criteria:

  • For all licence types: post purchase Analyst supports on Calls/Conference for the same Report purchase up to 4 hours till a month or your query resolved.
  • 10 Hours Analyst support for Report Related Queries by email.
  • For Corporate Licences, we provide twice a year Updated Market Dynamics & Market Size/Forecast report Free ( 2 half-yearly add-on Report)

I am looking for the market title, but it is not available on your website. Do you provide such report whose title is not available on your website?

Yes, we provide the report whose titles are not listed on website. We always prefer the customized report or titles from the client as per their requirements. Our only focus is to provide the best quality of data/information to you at the best optimum price. We believe: "Your Buisness Growth is our Goal". We are always here to ensure yyou get the best quality with precise and accurate information. In case the market title is not available on the website, please connect to us by email at hello@akiresearch.com or sales@akiresearch.com or please Call or whatsapp us at +91 99089 37355 and schedule a meeting with the Senior Analyst for better understanding of your requirements and related queries.

How do we know that your report quality is good?

Please go through our free Industry Blog on the website. We provide these free industry blogs to ensure the readers get benefit from the information provided. You can check our website and read other details. Moreover you can connect to us and talk to our Senior Analysts to get all your queries resolved. Thank you.

If you still have any queries left, please contact us through email or phone number provided.

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