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Overview on Europe Electric Vehicles (EVs) Market 2020-2026

European Electric Vehicles Market: Facts & Figures
European Electric Vehicles Market: Facts & Figures

Earlier the European Union has set up the target for CO2 emission standard by 2020, which limits the average carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per kilometer driven for new cars. Moreover, in many European countries, the governments have increased the subsidy schemes for Electric Vehicles as their part of packages to overcome the effect of the pandemic as well as the next net-zero CO2 emission plans by 2050.

Even the pandemic has contracted the overall automotive market in 2020, the EVs market has gained momentum in Europe and other countries like China, India, etc. The EVs market needs to have charging stations' infrastructure development and currently, electric vehicles are preferable for short distances traveling and among the densely populated areas of Europe. Countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, etc. have a higher population density in the region, and the demand for EVs is increasing rapidly in these countries.

The availability of electric vehicle models has expanded in the last few years. The charging stations are also a big concern for this market to grow, and according to sources by The European Automobile Manufacturers' Association, or ACEA, the top 5 countries with the most chargers per 100 kilometers are:

  • Netherlands (47.5)

  • Luxembourg (34.5)

  • Germany (19.4)

  • Portugal (14.9)

  • Austria (6.1)

Moreover, most of the charging stations are not charging the vehicles at acceptable speeds. According to ACEA, out of some 225,000 public chargers currently available in the EU region, only about 25,000 chargers are suitable for the fast charging of EVs. In order to complete the target for net-zero 2050, the European countries need to have an improvement in the infrastructure to have densely networked charging stations in each country with the fast charging outlet.

Some of the key players in the European Electric Vehicles Market include Volkswagen, The Renault Group, Tesla, BMW Group, BYD Company, Daimler AG, Nissan, Peugeot, etc.

Our Europe Electric Vehicles Market report will include:

  • Market Segmentation: Vehicle Type, Vehicle Class, Propulsion Type, and Country

  • Market Dynamics: Market Drivers, Restraints/Challenges, Opportunities

  • Country: 8 Major Countries (Germany, United Kingdom, Norway, + Rest of Countries Europe

  • Base Year: 2020, Forecast: 2021-26 (Y-o-Y)

  • Past Years: 2016-2019

  • Market Share Analysis for 2020 & key recent developments

  • Company Profiles: 10+ Key Players

Important Questions that our European Electric Vehicles (EV) Market Research Report will answer:

  • What is the total electric vehicles (EV) market size y-o-y basis (2016-2026) and CAGR for the forecast period (2021-2026)?

  • What are the key market dynamics i.e. market drivers, market restraints & challenges impacting the market?

  • What are the key opportunities in the market that will have a significant impact in the future?

  • How does Porter's Five Force Model make us understand the European EVs market scenario?

  • What are the countries covered in this market?

  • What are the key market segmentation of the market and how each sub-segment is performing year on year by region or country?

  • Which regional market segment accounted for the largest market share?

  • Who are the top key players in the market and how much market share (estimated or actual) do they account for?

  • What are the recent developments, new product development or technologies, mergers & acquisitions, collaboration, joint ventures, etc. in the electric vehicles EVs market?

  • What are the key takeaways from the company profiles in the report?

  • What are the impacts of the covid-19 pandemic on the market in each country since 2020?

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