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Facts & Figures: Part 3 (Paints & Coatings Market) Intumescent Coatings

Intumescent Coatings Market size, trends and forecast
Facts & Figures: Intumescent Coatings Market

In a September 2021 report from National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), in 2020, the local fire departments responded to an estimated 1.4 million fires in the United States, out of which more than 35% i.e about 490,500 fires occurred in or on structures (residential home & apartments and non-residential structure) and damage of about USD 12.1 billion property and 2,730 civilian death. Similarly in other regions of Europe, Asia-Pacific, and etc. too such high losses of lives and property occur every year.

Intumescent coatings are vital for preventing passive fire on structures or substrates like steel & cast iron, timber or wood, concrete, fiberglass, etc. These substrates when exposed to extreme heat conditions, intumescent coatings form an inorganic carbonaceous char and increase the delay time of transferring heat to the substrate. Thus, it protects from structural failure. Delay time depends on the product quality and varies from 30 minutes to 120 minutes. On 18th May 2021, Hempel launched Hempafire Pro 400 under BS 476 20/21, which maintains the stability of steel structures in the event of a fire for up to 120 minutes and it has been optimized for maximum efficiency in the loadings for a 90-minute duration.

The key driving factor for the growth in intumescent coatings is the growth of the building & construction projects for both new construction and old renovations, and usage of intumescent coatings as per the building safety & stricter regulations. The increasing population, growth in urbanization & various infrastructure projects have supported the market growth trend. To ensure operational efficiency and support, intumescent coatings are used in oil & gas, mining, petrochemicals, etc. industries that require more safety at exploration and supply activities. However, the rising prices of raw materials are a challenge in the market.

The key players in the intumescent coatings market include AkzoNobel, Sherwin Willimas, Jotun, RPM International (Carboline), Contego International Inc., Hempel, Albi Protective Coatings, PPG Industries, Rudolf Hensel GmbH, No-Burn, Inc., CPG Europe, BASF, etc. among others.

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