Research Methodology

We at AKI Research & Consulting, do extensive research as part of the process to gather data and information for each market and industry at a country and regional level to prepare the more accurate and precise insights & further reports about the related markets. Each title market has its own market dynamics which reflects the ups and downs effects to the market scenario. We cover the most effective market dynamics in terms of market drivers, market restraints & challenges, and market opportunities. These market dynamics are gathered through extensive sources like company news, journals, articles, press releases, annual reports, presentations, etc. These market dynamics are also gathered and validated through industry experts at regional & country level market for better understanding of the market scenario.


Market Size Estimation is done through holistic approach of top-down and bottom-up to have better market understanding and data insights. Historical data is collected through different primary & secondary sources and validated by in-house senior analysts and subject matter experts. Current market and forecast is done by analysing the market dynamics and their impact to the market. Each market dynamics as factors are analysed at country & regional level to quantify the real growth rate in the market.


Forecast model includes various factors in each market and does not include the average growth rate. Our model includes the market dynamics (opportunities, and restraints & challenges) factors to determine the growth rate at year on year basis and further calculate CAGR to present the more precise and accurate data insights.


Market Share Analysis for any market in the given year is done through the extensive annual financial analysis, annual production capacity & utilisation, market penetration in the region/country, etc. of the top market players.

Key Steps In Our Research Process

Secondary Research for Data Information Procurement: Annual reports, press releases, news, investor presentations, journals, articles, etc.

Primary Research for Data Procurement as well as Data/information validation gathered from secondary sources: Interviews or Questionnaire to Industry Experts (Both Supply & Demand side) 

Data Triangulation to complete market estimation sheet with verification of each data points and simultaneously validating with the market dynamics factors presented for the given year.

Validation (In-house Experts/Industry Experts) + ReportingRe-validation (for better error free, precise and more accuracy of Final Report)

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